Monday, May 24, 2010

Correcting management/employee behavior brings new business to HR entrepreneur's client

Showcasing experienced entrepreneurs offers an added marketing communications or social media element to help promote their businesses. In addition, it provides a forum through which they can share solutions to unique business challenges that might be the answer to a similar challenge with which yet another entrepreneur is struggling. This openness of information flows with the following story offered by

Andrea Herran, owner
Focus HR
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Focus HR helps entrepreneurs and business owners become great people leaders. I help them work better with their employees in becoming more effective, efficient and more customer-focused. By working closely with business owners, I learn what their goals are and how they are trying to achieve these goals through their people. Ultimately, I put programs in place to get it all done. In addition, I offer all the traditional HR services that are the foundation of reaching that higher ground of having everyone working in the same direction toward the same goals.

What’s exceptional about my business is that I actually go on site once a month. I am not one who works exclusively over the phone or via email. This is an entity that you rarely see in my industry. By being at the client’s location, I’m able to experience the working environment. I sit in on employee meetings, answer questions, address their concerns, and whatever else is needed of me. Another facet of Focus HR that sets it apart is that all of my services are flat fee. This fee covers all the work I do with no additional charges for extras. Small business owners are very cost-conscious. By offering a flat fee, they know what to expect and how to budget. No one needs to worry what it’s going to cost just to pick up the phone.

My ideal client is any business with less than 70 employees and an owner who knows that changes need to be made – especially in HR – for the business to grow.

One of my clients was experiencing a high turnover in one of her two employee positions. After visiting the office I was quickly able to see the cause of the problem. My client had a disruptive manner of communicating with others. It wasn’t necessarily what she was saying, but how she was saying it. So, I recommended that we work on her style. She needed to say things in a way that this one particular person would understand. My client needed to know how that person takes in and processes information. She had to learn to look for the clues that would tell her what kind of learner her employee was so she could communicate accordingly. At the same time, her employees had no idea of what their exact roles within the company were or what what expected of them.

The resolution was two-fold - changing the client's management style and developing the proper HR programs for her employees. I attended meetings to observe the client’s communication behavior and critiqued it afterward. I also conducted supportive sessions over the phone. She came to learn the different personality types with which she was communicating. With regard to the employees, creating job descriptions and defining their position expectations contributed greatly to the company's growth. After a year and a half, the results have been dramatic. The client has become a better manager. There no longer is employee turnover. And the business has been increasing month after month. The change has enabled her to concentrate on selling and not on the day-to-day operations of the business. A productive management style and employees' clearly understanking their roles have become the norm. Now, my focus is on helping the client and her employees keep these thought processes top of mind so the business continues to prosper.

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