Monday, November 22, 2010

Reducing transition stress becomes basis for entrepreneur's new business

Showcasing early entrepreneurs has a twofold purpose. One is to offer an added marketing communications or social media element to help promote their businesses. The second is to provide a forum through which they can guide other aspiring business owners around avoidable obstacles and toward a path of attainable goals. Sharing insights begins with hearing their stories firsthand beginning with a conversation with

Michael Harrawood, owner
Just Call Mike Home Helpers


Just Call Mike provides services either for seniors who are downsizing and moving into another home (i.e. condo, assisted living, etc.), or busy professionals who are in the midst of relocating. We help get their homes ready for resale. We'll go in and clean the carpets, patch and paint, clean the windows, pack up belongings and do whatever it takes to make the house move-in ready. This also includes cleaning the basement and/or the garage. Beyond this, we also offer seasonal services such as putting up and taking down exterior holiday lighting and d├ęcor as well as general home maintenance and organizing. If all someone needs is a single room painted, some heavy items moved, or their gutters cleaned and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable source, Just Call Mike.


I'd been in the building industry for more than 20 years and saw business steadily decline over recent years to the point where I needed to make a career-changing decision. During my time in building I had seen people taken advantage of because they too often relied on people who weren't trustworthy. I want to be their safe, ethical, reliable resource who understands how stressful moving can be for anyone - seniors in particular who are moving from what they always knew as home into a completely new place. Our tagline is "taking the stress out of transition."


Unlike similar companies that offer move-out services, I provide more detailed services that others usually don't cover such as window and carpet cleaning, touch-up painting, and minor repairs. But, what sets us apart the most is that we personally focus on the well-being of all those involved. Again, it's taking the stress and anxiety out of these life-changing events.


Our perfect clients are seniors themselves or family members who are responsible for relocating and selling their seniors’ homes. We also work with professionals who are also relocating and need similar help preparing their homes for resale. We strive to get each the best value for their homes by de-cluttering, repairing and refreshing each and every room. This could also include landscape clean-up and on-going maintenance until the vacant property is sold. Secondary client/partners for us would be realtors, stagers, estate lawyers, financial professionals/institutions, senior living community professionals and corporate relocation specialists.


Because I have a tendency to over-analyze everything, I found that starting my business was easier than I had first thought. If you have the experience, are good at what you do and have a real passion for something, just go ahead and do it. Get involved in a lot of networking and align yourself with mentors who are as passionate about helping you as you are about your business. Pay no attention to your critics and stay close to those who champion your ideals and goals.

Editor's question: How many entrepreneurs connected with one or more mentors at the beginning of starting your businesses and in what ways did that help?

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