Monday, January 3, 2011

Recap of 2010 Featured Entrepreneurs' Stories

Throughout 2010, a great number of local businesses were showcased on this blog. I'd like to thank each and every entrepreneur who participated in sharing his or her story of both their
ambitions and anxieties. I hope you were able to glean some wisdom and new approaches to similar challenges facing your own businesses.

Two things surprised me while interviewing these professionals. One was the genuine willingness of each to be open about their concerns, and the other was the thread of similarities found among their stories. TRANSPARENCY will continue to present new and seasoned entrepreneurs in 2011 as long as the high interest and enthusiasm remains the same as that of 2010.

Thanks to all,

Jan Long
Janlong Communications


Reasons for Starting Their Businesses
Many had personal reasons, while others experienced professional circumstances that caused them to venture out on their own. Freedom from the corporate culture was popular, the ability to operate a business from any location was unique, the opportunity to provide a resource for those in need surfaced, and the unexpected and uncontrollable career shift was the reoccurring reason among many for becoming their own boss.

Sampling of Unique Business Challenges
Starting over always presents a challenge as it did among some entrepreneurs. Starting a business just as the economy crashed presented major challenges to several. Knowing how and when to close the sale is something many entrepreneurs struggled with as did finding new ways to increase their number of clients. Getting prospects to realize how they will benefit from the entrepreneur's services, and finding new ways for potential clients to build the entrepreneur's products/services into their budgets challenged a few.

Some Shared Advice
Besides continually researching and constantly re-evaluating your markets, some entrepreneurs recommended working with professionals to outline your goals; don't be surprised if your business takes more time and money than you originally anticipate; find and build a business that you love doing; don't over-analyze everything - just do it; pay no attention to critics; and, just keep focused and you will surely succeed.

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