Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Consultant's specialized marketing efforts result in new clients and more business

Showcasing experienced entrepreneurs offers an added marketing communications or social media element to help promote their businesses. In addition, it provides a forum through which they can share solutions to unique business challenges that might be the answer to a similar challenge with which yet another entrepreneur is struggling. This openness of information flows with the following conversation with

Glenn Turner, President
LDG Consulting, Inc.

LDG Consulting, Inc. is a leadership development company that helps grow small to medium-sized businesses using leadership development type processes. These include strategic planning and organizational development for sales teams, customer service and executive staffs, project management teams, and all other teams put together within an organization to help achieve a specific goal. We work together to improve their leadership skills using a series of strategic planning or coaching processes. I find that many small entrepreneurs really want coaching and strategic planning, so I offer executive leadership. This helps entrepreneurs start thinking like an executive by looking at their business from that 30,000-foot view and by making more of their decisions strategically. For larger companies with existing teams, it’s more of re-energizing the group, getting refocused using their years of experience and knowledge. My ideal clients are positive-minded businesses that are looking to grow or improve – whether that be in sales, customer loyalty rating, or quality of work they produce. Companies with this profile are never standing still and are a great fit for me.

Unlike many consultants, I stay with my clients for an entire year after we implement their process. When I do a strategic plan with a business owner or a larger organization it will take me nearly three months for it to become reality. But, I don’t leave them after that time. From months four through 12, I stay in contact with them at least once or twice a month to make sure they are on target to hit the goals we set. At the end of the year I’m only going to be successful if they hit those goals. This extended customer contact is the value that I bring to a business.

The biggest collective obstacle I had encountered in working my business was to learn how to market my business, to sell myself, and to effectively network. My previous experience had been as a police officer and as a lawyer – two professions in which you really didn’t have to do any selling of yourself. But, in operating this business I had to learn how to market myself, to let prospects know I was available. I also had to learn how to handle people giving me NO for an answer – something I was unfamiliar with especially coming from law enforcement.

I went through the sales training program of Resource Associates – my affiliate company that provides all of the training materials and processes that I offer clients. They have used these processes and materials with great success over the last 30 years working with Fortune 500 companies as well as with sole proprietor operations. I’ve also positioned myself to learn useful networking techniques from professionals I’ve met at various events. In my line of work, what seems to work best is meeting people and having them get to know and trust you. It’s all about developing relationships. So I’ve developed what I call an educational marketing plan that gets me speaking in front of different groups as often as possible. Several other things that I’ve done have started to make getting in front of slightly larger businesses a little easier - one of which is joining the Metropolitan Club in Chicago. Overall, it’s been a learning experience and one that’s starting to pay off. I’m beginning to reach more clients and gain more business by building a better network to market LDG Consulting, Inc.

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