Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Graphic designer finally realizes she was destined to remain an entrepreneur

Showcasing entrepreneurs offers an added marketing communications or social media element to help promote their businesses. In addition, it provides a forum through which they can guide other aspiring business owners around avoidable obstacles and toward a path of attainable goals. Sharing their insights begins by hearing their stories like the one offered by

Dagmar Persons, Owner and Creative Director
Design & Art LLC -

I had been an independent graphic designer up until nearly twelve years ago. Then what I considered to be a terrific opportunity arose which was to become a full-time employee of one of my major clients. After six years, the business folded and I was back to square one. After freelancing again for two years, an identical opportunity came up. So, once more, I worked for another large client for four more years only to see them file bankruptcy, as well. As a result, I am once more building up my own graphic design business – Design & Art, LLC. I specialize in all forms of branding campaigns, print medium design and website development for businesses of every size that would need brand identity and graphic design, catalog and packaging design or photo art direction, styling and illustration.

Unlike graphic designers in the U.S. who need only study graphic design if that is their career path, European-educated designers, like myself, must study every art discipline including, sculpture, architectural drawing, ceramics, fine art along with graphic design. This deep understanding of the essence of art in advertising gives me a unique versatility that enables me to keep the customer's brand consistent throughout all media - print, web, packaging, Point-of-Purchase displays and exhibits.

As a result of my education, I am very comfortable working within all industries. The ideal client for Design & Art would be a business that needed graphic and web design, POP displays, graphics for a trade show booth, and accompanying trade show promotional collateral. To reach these prospects I’ve been doing serious networking and emailing to potential clients.

Entrepreneurs should consider becoming an LLC, as I did, primarily to protect their personal assets. However, be aware that it is not an inexpensive venture initially along with having to renew your status every year. What I have learned from my experience of going from freelancing to full-time employment and back a few times is that I should have remained a freelance graphic designer. I feel that if I had, I would be well established at this point with a solid client base of national brand companies that I once had. My advice to all budding entrepreneurs is that if you have a real passion for your profession, nothing should prevent you from pursuing it. Even if you are struggling in the beginning or at some points along the way, you will survive if you have a true passion for whatever it is you are doing.

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